We all want a secure, stress-free retirement. Unfortunately, at Zacks Investment Management we see the same investing mistakes over and over—errors that can create unneeded stress and derail a happy retirement.

This free guide covers eight of the most common mistakes, and offers simple ways to correct them so you can protect and grow your retirement assets. Make 2022 the year you clean up any problems with your retirement investments with our free guide. You'll learn:

  • Why being too conservative can put your nest egg at risk
  • How to spot and avoid scams that target retirement investors
  • The pitfalls of trying to time the market
  • The pros and cons of bitcoin and other non-traditional investments
  • Plus, other mistakes that can jeopardize your retirement!

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A Quick Word About Zacks

Zacks Investment Management has been helping investors meet their financial goals since 1992. Currently we are entrusted with billions in assets by investors just like you. These people turn to Zacks because of our ability to create customized portfolios with many top rated strategies by Morningstar.