Over the last 70 years, the month of September has not been kind to stocks. Pulling down its poor average performance were two major crises: the tragedy of 9/11 and the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers.

While it's not wise to base your investment decisions on a seasonal quirk, there are reasons to be concerned about this September in particular. First, inflation data for August signaled that prices were on the rise again, and second, the end of the month could bring another round of drama with the growing possibility of a federal government shutdown.

On the other hand, there are early signals of growth ahead—solid consumer spending and continued strength in the labor market, both of which remained steady in August.

In our September 2023 Zacks Market Strategy Report,1 we look at what all these issues portend for September, and offer our preview of the upcoming Q3 2023 earnings season. Get your free copy to learn more about key market issues including:

  • September Woes: Seasonality, Inflation, Looming Government Shutdown
  • What About Economic Growth and Rising Capex?
  • Our Preview of the Q3 2023 Earnings Season
  • Bottom Line for Investors

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