You've worked hard and planned wisely to build your retirement nest egg. Now it's time to just start spending ... right?

It's not quite that simple. You want to make sure your money lasts, and that means you should have a strategy for retirement spending. There are many options to choose from, from relatively straightforward to rather complex.

Our free guide offers some of the most effective strategies, as well as best practices to consider when developing your retirement spending plan. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about spending wisely in retirement, including:

  • Spending 101: Understanding Tax Buckets
  • The 4% Rule
  • Dynamic Spending with the 5% Rule
  • The Yale Spending Rule
  • The Guyton-Klinger Rule
  • The Bottom Line

A Quick Word About Zacks

Zacks Investment Management has been helping investors meet their financial goals since 1992. Currently we are entrusted with billions in assets by investors just like you. These people turn to Zacks because of our ability to create customized portfolios with many top rated strategies by Morningstar*.