It is important to ask the right questions before choosing the right money manager. That is why we created this vital guide:

This guide explores 10 tough questions every investor should ask their money manager, such as:

  • How have your investment strategies performed vs. their benchmark?
  • Are there fees or penalties if I decide to leave your firm?
  • How do you measure risk?
  • How are you compensated?
  • And 6 more pointed questions

If you have $500,000 or more to invest, fill out the form to the right to get your free copy today and get details on all 10 of these questions and more!

A Quick Word About Zacks

Zacks Investment Management has been helping investors meet their financial goals since 1992. Currently we are entrusted with billions in assets by investors just like you. These people turn to Zacks because of our ability to create customized portfolios with many top rated strategies by Morningstar.