The basics of creating a retirement portfolio are pretty straightforward. Select a well-diversified set of stocks, bonds, and other assets, then keep an eye on them.

But in the real world, building a portfolio that works is far more challenging. Sudden downturns, changing conditions, and volatility can all throw any portfolio out of balance, sometimes with disastrous results.

Make your resolution for 2024 to ensure your portfolio can withstand any market conditions and stay on track to meet your retirement goals. We can help, with this free guide that offers practical guidance based on Zacks Investment Management's decades of professional investing experience.

Get your free copy of 7 Secrets to Building the Ultimate Retirement Portfolio to learn key retirement planning details including:

  • Accurately forecasting your retirement income needs
  • The two phases of determining your asset allocation
  • Developing an investment discipline that allows you to get good results over time
  • Avoiding self-sabotage—what you need to know
  • Plus—our views on key steps to create and maintain the ultimate retirement portfolio

A Quick Word About Zacks

Zacks Investment Management has been helping investors meet their financial goals since 1992. Currently we are entrusted with billions in assets by investors just like you. These people turn to Zacks because of our ability to create customized portfolios with many top-rated strategies by Morningstar.*

* These ratings were awarded by Morningstar on 4/1/2024 in respect of the period from strategy inception to 3/31/2024 (Inception Dates: All Cap- 2/1/1995, Focus Growth- 2/1/2003, Dividend- 4/1/2004, Mid and Small Cap- 5/1/2009). We do not compensate Morningstar to obtain this rating. However, we pay compensation to Morningstar to use their logo in connection with advertising this rating. Please see full disclosure at end of this document.