Today's retirees are caught in a bind. They need to be able to generate income from their retirement investments and avoid risk. Traditionally, U.S. Treasuries and other bonds were a great strategy, but with interest rates today hovering near zero, that strategy doesn't work.

There are a number of other options for generating income, but many of them, such as high-yield corporate bonds, closed-end funds, and annuities, have serious drawbacks. 

At Zacks Investment Management, we believe there is a better strategy to generate income while managing risk: investing in dividend-paying stocks. Our free guide compares this approach with other options for producing investment income in retirement, and offers strong reasons why a dividend strategy may be right for you. 

If you have $500,000 or more to invest, get our free guide to learn more about generating cash flow and income with our dividend strategy. You’ll find helpful information including:

  • The downsides of other income-producing options, such as corporate bonds and annuities 
  • The importance of choosing the right dividend stocks 
  • How dividend stocks can help reduce downside volatility 
  • The tax advantages of dividend stocks
  • Plus many more reasons this strategy can help you generate income in retirement

A Quick Word About Zacks

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