War, the Economy, and the Market.

In the long history of mankind, one constant is armed conflict.

War is a tragic, disheartening, and seemingly inevitable fact of civilization. Aside from the horrible direct consequences it has—from loss of life, property destruction and chaos—regional conflicts also produce ripple effects that often span the globe.

The series of crises since World War II, from the Korean War to Vietnam to Iraq, give us some insight about how geopolitical crises impact the economy and markets. Our just-released guide, How Geopolitical Crises Affect the Stock Market, is designed to help investors make sense of current conflicts.

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  • 5 significant conflicts since WW II, from Korea to Crimea
  • An analysis of each conflict and its economic impacts
  • U.S. GDP and S&P 500 figures for key periods of these wars
  • Plus more insights on how these crises affect the economy and market

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