If you're getting close to retirement, you may have mixed feelings— excitement about the many possibilities, and perhaps some apprehension about the future.

That is certainly normal...but one way to minimize anxiety about retirement is to make thorough plans. Since an important aspect of our service at Zacks Investment Management is helping clients get ready for retirement, we can help.

We have prepared a free guide that addresses some of the most important issues facing people approaching retirement. Aside from the loss of employment income, there are some other key topics retirees must address, including changes to healthcare coverage and costs, strategies for producing investment income, changes in tax liability, and more.

If you have $500,000 or more to invest, get this timely and helpful guide to help make sure you’ve got your financial and investing bases covered as retirement approaches.

The guide walks through four essential financial and investment topics for new retirees, with detailed helpful information about:

  • The current and expected future costs of healthcare in retirement
  • Strategies for retirement investment income in today’s current low-rate environment
  • The key tax rules that every retiree must know
  • The most important way to protect your retirement assets from market volatility
  • Be prepared with this guide to the most important retirement financial and investment issues